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Renewables now have the momentum to radically change our energy system over the next decade. It already making huge inroads to reducing the carbon emissions of other countries. In Germany, they are now 29% below 1990 levels of CO2. This is huge!

The growth of renewable energy came out of nowhere because we don’t intuitively understand exponential growth. It took a long time to get where’s it at now, but has kept doubling installed capacity at a constant rate. Ray Kurzweil says solar capacity is doubling every 2 years – at this rate we’re only 6 or 7 doublings from providing all of our power from solar.

See this article for some upbeat news: Renewable Energy at the Tipping Point | Worldwatch Institute


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Yay free markets! Booo social safety nets…

the u.s. middle class is being wiped out heres the stats to prove it: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance.

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Written my a top climate scientist you ask? No – a hedge fund manager. Page 7: JGLetter_SummerEssays_2Q10.pdf

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The Impossible Brief

Resolving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict will take the best ideas we have. To that effect, Saatchi & Saatchi have come up with a way to harness the power of our collective wisdom: The Impossible Brief

Here’s my entry:

The institution of mandatory cultural exchanges for students, government officials, business and religious leaders could help to bridge the divide. Although the cultures and religions are different, that difference is only slight. The Israelis would study in the Mosques and the Palestinians would study in the synagogues. They would start to find common ground and a common message amongst both of their religions. Through working on solutions to problems of their shared environment they could start to see their codependency. Together they would tackle the issues that both of their societies are facing: rising sea levels, a more arid climate, access to water, food security, and clean energy.

Instead of trying to live separate, but equal, we need to focus on increasing the diversity and integration of the people in that region.

We need a “fall of the Berlin Wall” uprising where the leaders and youth from the two sides choose to live in harmony no matter what those in power want. The very foundation of this will be mutual understanding and shared responsibility arising from this program.

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Op-Ed Columnist – We’re Gonna Be Sorry – NYTimes.com.

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Hans Rosling on global population growth | Video on TED.com

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