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Cities: A Smart Alternative to Cars.


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9 Surprising Diseases You Can Catch In The Nation’s Oceans PHOTOS.

It’s really a shame how we treat the environment. The entropy bill will continue to grow until more and more people die. Why does our species need a catastrophe to change? Why don’t we change after environmental disasters? The continual polluting of our oceans is a slow moving train wreck and very scary to watch.

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Lori Pottinger: Become an Aluminum Scrooge for the World’s Rivers.

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5 Human Habits Highly Harmful to the Ocean

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Dear Commissioners,

I respectfully oppose Castle & Cooke’s proposed development at Koa Ridge (Docket No. A07-775). This project would directly pave over some of the best agricultural land left on the island and add thousands of cars to the commuting traffic nightmare along H2 and H1. We need to stop urban sprawl.

This project will reduce our ability to feed ourselves, future generations, and decrease our already extremely fragile food security. We need to be thinking now about smart and sustainable growth.

Sprawl and gridlock cause more pollution, reduces family time, and decreases the productivity of people who just spend over an hour in traffic. Honolulu already rates as having one of the worst US city rush-hour slow downs. Let’s not make it worse.

Let’s look at more creative ways to house and support our people that don’t require us to steal from future generations.

Thank you,

Brian Bell

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I strongly oppose HB 2885. It is a short sighted bill that would seriously impede our efforts to protect an ecosystem that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Not only this, but we depend on these protected ecosystems for potable water and places where we can refresh our mind, body, and souls.

The amount of money saved is nothing compared to the damage to our aina and economy.

By not protecting our vital resources, we are in fact reducing the natural capital or in other words, the ability of the land to support us.

Please vote “no” on this bill.


Brian Bell

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This is a really interesting article about how environmental groups are using business tactics to save forests.

Preserving Forests and Business: Scientific American

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